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bpInvestigation is a company offering a wide array of investigative
services at a very reasonable price. From large corporations to
individuals, we are committed to providing top quality service to every
client. From large scale in-depth investigations, to those small 'private
matters', we are prepared to handle your case.

Not sure whether you need to hire a private investigator? No problem, just
give us a call. We will discuss the situation with you and explain what is
involved so that you can make an informed decision. And remember, there is
never any charge for your initial consultation.

All of our investigators are well trained, and dedicated to providing you with
top quality professional service. We do not sub-contract any of our
investigative services. All cases are handled by our own professional and
licensed investigators.

For a good many individuals, hiring a private investigator might seem like a
bit of an intimidating task. We will remove that intimidation factor by
providing you with personalized, professional service, and you won't need to
drain your back account in the process. Give us a call...we can help!

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